Legal Blocks | Use Cases
Get your legal documents on the blockchain instantly. Easy to use drag and drop interface allows for storing all your legal documents on a secure, unhackable blockchain that encrypts and time stamps every document you upload.
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Use Cases

Here are just a few examples of how our blockchain service can help your law firm.

Case Files

Imagine uploading all your digitized case files to one place and knowing they’ll be there forever, no matter what happens. That’s what Legal Blocks does for you.

Need to prove you received a document by a certain date? Every document is submitted with a verifiable time stamp. Need to prove a document was not altered during the course of your case? Every file retrieved from the blockchain is exactly as it was when you uploaded it. Nobody can alter it in any way – not you and not us.


Legal Contracts

Legal Blocks allows you to securely store any legal contract to the blockchain. It’s safe, it’s encrypted and it’s infallible. When you retrieve your contract you can be 100% certain it has not been altered in any way. You can even save iterations of any contract so you’ll have a digital paper trail detailing what changes were made and when.


We’re currently working on an online contract signing solution integrated with blockchain. Your days of tracking changes on a Word doc and emails back and forth will soon be over.


Copyrights & Trademarks

Copyrights and trademarks, as you know, are very time sensitive.


With Legal Blocks you can upload complete copyrighted works. Each work is time stamped so you can prove exactly when a work was submitted. Each work is encrypted so nobody can access it but you.


First trademark usage is notoriously tricky to prove. Legal Blocks lets you upload proof of first trademark usage when it happens. Safe for eternity, or whenever you need it.

We’re developing additional blockchain features for our service¬† –¬† Come see what we’re up to