Legal Blocks | How It Works
Get your legal documents on the blockchain instantly. Easy to use drag and drop interface allows for storing all your legal documents on a secure, unhackable blockchain that encrypts and time stamps every document you upload.
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How It Works

Learn what happens to your documents after you upload them, how it gets to the blockchain and how to retrieve them


Document is Uploaded

Once you upload your document, the magic begins. All you need to do is drag & drop, then wait for your upload to complete.

Encryption Begins

Your file is really just ones and zeros. Those ones and zeros are pulled apart and random selections are placed into multiple packets.

Data Is Time Stamped

An important part of the process is producing a time stamp when each file is sent to the blockchain. This is your proof for time sensitive documents such as copyrights.

Data Sent to Blockchain

The packets containing your document's ones and zeros are sent to different nodes on the blockchain.

Data Is Decentralized

Each node on the blockchain is a different computer somewhere in the world. Your data is store across these nodes and not on a single server that can be hacked. This is the beauty of decentralization.

Data Is Now Immutable

It's impossible for anyone to change data that is sent to the blockchain. That means your document remains there, forever unchanged.

Data Retrieval

Data sent to the blockchain is meant to stay there forever, but when you need to retrieve your data you can. For this you will need your personal key.

Retrieval Process

A request is sent to the blockchain using a key (long string of letters and numbers). The ones and zeros are reassembled and you receive your original document.

Now that you know how it works, check out our pricing plans and get started today.