Legal Blocks | Your legal documents on the blockchain - instantly
Get your legal documents on the blockchain instantly. Easy to use drag and drop interface allows for storing all your legal documents on a secure, unhackable blockchain that encrypts and time stamps every document you upload.
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Not sure why your law firm needs blockchain technology? Read our use cases.

Upload Any Document

Upload important documents to the blockchain. Case files, business filings, copyrights, wills. Anything you need kept safe.

Encrypted and Safe

Your files are encrypted, and only you hold the retrieval key. Files on the blockchain cannot be deleted.

Time Stamped

Your documents are time stamped so you can prove when they were created and submitted.

Easy to Use

Saving files to the blockchain is as simple as uploading a Word Doc or PDF file.

How It Works

Drag & Drop File Upload

Upload your important documents using our simple drag & drop interface.

Files Are Encrypted

Your files are encrypted (pulled apart into ones and zeros and separated into packets that can be reassembled later).

Files Are Time Stamped

Your encrypted files are time stamped to prove the exact date and time they were sent. Great for time-sensitive documents

Files Sent to Blockchain

Your encrypted files are sent to the blockchain. Each node on the blockchain contains only part of your file.